A Million Little Pieces  


好幾年前當我讀完這本書後, 深深震撼了我! 我知道這短詩的風格很黑暗, 也許會令人沮喪, 不過這本書的故事的確是令人心碎. 如果你想讀一些開心又好玩的故事, 那就絕對不要碰這本書, 但如果你喜歡悲傷一點的故事, 這本書絕對值得看!


Years ago, I read this book called - A million little pieces. The author is James Frey. I wrote this poem right after I read the book. It is dark as I know it, but the story is dark and heartbreaking. I couldn't put the book down as I read it, I love the way he expressed things...it touched me deeply. If you feel like to read a cheerful story, don't go near this book. However, if you are up for some sadness, this is your guy!



Little piece of mine                         by Little evil


When was the last time you smile for the world?

How did your soul shattered all over on the floor

Why should you come back to me for more

I have nothing but to break you into pieces like before


All I have is hatred and self-destruction

What I could offer is an incomplete fiction

You won't be able to see what's inside

And you will only end up crying and cast aside

Running falling screaming crushing

I just want to ruin everything


Every living moment is my last roar

There is nothing else I would ask for

Please leave with nothing more

Let’s meet on the other side as whole




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